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August 7th, 2019, 10:02 pm
The Glendale MRI Institute is pleased to announce the addition of the revolutionary new radiotracer, Axumin, to their list of technology used in caring for the health of their patients. For more information on the new Axumin radiotracer, visit Glendale MRI Institute on their website. Glendale MRI Institutes’ Axumin radiotracer is used for many cases involving men who have had prostate cancer or who are in remission and are seeing increased PSA numbers. Their team of highly trained professionals strives to perform only the most comprehensive testing available. In the past, body and bone scans were unable to pinpoint the location of the cancer until PSA levels were elevated. It is extremely accurate in discovering recurrence and pinpointing newly affected areas. This piece of equipment is used in the early detection of several diseases, most notably recurring prostate cancer, to allow patients the opportunity to seek treatment as soon as possible. The CT, or computed tomography, scan is used to create images of the body’s anatomy. Glendale MRI InstituteAddress: 624 S.About Glendale MRI Institute: Glendale MRI Institute is committed to providing the best imaging services, while providing their patients with a comfortable, caring environment. With this new advancement, Glendale MRI Institute hopes to help their patients with the early detection they need to maintain their health. Glendale MRI Institutes’ Axumin radiotracer is able to detect recurrent prostate cancer when PSA levels are less than 10, often lower. A PET/CT scanner uses the images provided by the PET, or positron emission tomography, to create a visual of how the body is Their goal is to provide technology with a human touch. Coupled together, these two scans enable the team at Glendale MRI Institute to detect cancer and other diseases earlier lightning protection contractors than using one scan alone. For those in need of the technology, Medicare normally covers the costs.